Techcrunch reports that UK VC Dawn Capital has closed on its Dawn Capital II Venture Capital Fund, and is now “hunting for early stage deals” in the UK and rest of Europe. The fund will be focused on Series A investments in the Cloud, Software, Consumer Internet & Platform Infrastructure and Financial Services Technology sectors.

The UK VC has previously invested in and other key player in the UK and European tech scene. Their investments have typically been in the range of €115,000 to around €5.8M (£100,000 to £5M). Investors in the DCII fund include the European Investment Fund through the UK Future Technologies Fund, and Capital for Enterprise (UK government) through the new VC Catalyst Fund, as well as private individuals.

Dawn Capital has been awarded mandate as a first time fund manager in the in the Enterprise Capital Fund (ECF) by Capital for Enterprise, making it possible to riase a larger fund, say two of the managing partners, Haakon Overli and Norman Fiore. The aim of the firm ‘continues to be the first institutional investment partner of choice for entrepreneurs right from the early stages through to exit.’

Update: an mistake was made in the original headline, stating that the fund was €76k. It is not, and is now corrected to the correct amount €76M.