E-Commerce Park of Sweden has a incubator program for e-commerce startups. It has recently released its annual report on the performance of companies in its program for 2022. According to co-founder Karsten Deppert, the incubator program helps e-commerce startups scale and succeed by offering guidance and fostering an entrepreneurial environment. The results for the companies that went through the program are strong. Their total revenue increased from € 34 million in 2021 to € 40 million 2022, with an average growth rate of 20%, compared to the industry’s decline of -7% in Sweden during 2022.

There are many success stories among the participants, including tech companies like Quickbutik and pure e-commerce players like INF and fotbutiken.se, along with niche-focused e-commerce businesses such as Swelash, 4dogs, nybryggt and Hälsing Kitchen.

In the program a maximum of ten companies are accepted each 6 month. The goal is for these companies to grow at least twice as fast as the e-commerce industry as a whole. Historic track record is that they, in aggregate, grow at least three times as fast as the industry.

E-Commerce Park aims to facilitate the journey to success by offering opportunities to learn from various e-commerce experts and providing solutions for challenges like warehousing and third-party logistics, as well as co-working space.

To news site Ehandel Karsten says he believes that starting a new business in these times is amongst the best ways to create a successful company. Entrepreneurs must excel rather than settle for “good enough” to succeed in the current competitive landscape. This drives faster understanding of mistakes and learning from them, as well as quicker adoption of solutions that yield real results.

Transperancy: Karsten Deppert is also the initiator of this site and part of Mindpark Group that is behind E-commerce Park.