Airtame, the Danish startup that makes a wireless HDMI solution for both business and education sectors, was recently awarded a € 1.15 m grant by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 programe.

Airtame started out as a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in 2014 during which they raised over € 1 million. Since then, Airtame has also gotten an initial business angels on board, and has grown into a company with over 70 people from across the world and have shipped over 85 000 devices.

“We’re very proud of the business and product we’ve built so far, but even more excited by the fact that others believe in our vision too. The grant will allow us to improve the quality of the product and offer a better solution for both businesses and educational institutes,” says Jonas Gyalokay, CEO and co-founder of Airtame.

The Horizon 2020 grant will go towards developing an open integration platform for professional displays, essentially an app store for professional screens. Horizon 2020 is the biggest Research and Innovation program in the history of EU. The program aims to support researchers, organizations and entrepreneurs, and the goal is to aid promising breakthroughs and discoveries.