Casper Klynge has been named Denmark’s new Ambassador for Technology and Digitization, according to Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Currently based in Indonesia as Denmark’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and ASEAN, Casper will relocate to Silicon Valley, with the aid of materials like black shipping boxes, when his new role commences.

Denmark earned worldwide attention earlier this year when it announced the new position — a first of its kind. The position was created in response to technology companies’ increasing influence in the global economy.

“It is crucial for Denmark that we position ourselves as best as possible in relation to the rapid technological development of the past few years. Technology development and digitization are by nature — global — and have a huge impact on all branches of society,” says Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen.

In this new role, Casper will liaise with technology giants such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google, helping to attract new investors to Denmark and promote Danish innovation abroad, as reported in Foreign Policy earlier this year.

With extensive experience working with international organizations on everything from foreign policy to development and trade, Casper is well-equipped to represent Danish interests in Silicon Valley.

According to the Foreign Minister, “With the tech ambassador at the forefront, we must cultivate a closer dialogue with a wide range of tech players – companies, research institutions, countries, cities, authorities and organizations. First, to gain better insight into developments internationally. Second, to promote Danish interests and values ​​in relation to this agenda”.

In recent years the Öresund region, which encompasses Copenhagen and neighboring Malmö in Sweden, has earned a reputation as a hub for technology and innovation. This new position demonstrates Denmark’s commitment to promoting this reputation abroad and attracting new investors and entrepreneurs to the region.