Rasmus Mortensen, founder of Lyras ApS, replaces a 150 year old technology for pasteurization of liquid food products with a technology that guarantees better product quality and 90 percent lower energy consumption. This, combined with Lyras’ business potential, has made them winners of Green Tech Challenge 2017 in Copenhagen.

Green Tech Challenge was founded in 2015 by four Danish entrepreneurs with the ambition of making green business good business by connecting green startups with investors and experts. The first Green Tech Challenge was held the same year and received 46 applications. 17 startups completed the program, and all of them are still active.

For the past 150 years, liquid food products have been pasteurized by heating. This technology can be replaced with a new technology that pasteurizes the products without heating but by using UV-light.

“The level of development in Rasmus’ technology is huge, and we see a gigantic potential in Lyras – internationally and in Denmark”, says Brian Rønne Nielsen, Partner, PwC, in a press release.

The new technology improves the products’ quality and reduces energy consumption by 90 percent. This significant energy saving and the great business potential are the reasons behind Lyras’ win at the event.

“Lyras wins because the technology has tremendous potential for changing the way liquid foods are pasteurized globally. In addition, Lyras has an incredibly promising business potential”, says Frederik van Deurs, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Green Tech Challenge, in a press release.

From newly registered business to winner of Green Tech Challenge in three months

On a daily basis, Rasmus is located in Aalborg, Jutland, where he is busy with his newly founded company. Officially, the company has only existed a few months, but the technology has been in development since 2016.

“It has been very helpful to participate in Green Tech Challenge, because my network has grown extensively as a result. I have learned some valuable lessons from talking to other startups in similar situations, and from inputs from the highly competent consultants”, says Rasmus Mortensen, founder of Lyras, in a press release.

Green business is good business

The Green Tech Challenge alumni from 2015 have proved that doing green business can be profitable. On average, the alumni have tripled their turnover and increased their number of employees by 67 percent one year after participating in Green Tech Challenge. In addition, 73 percent have raised funding by 500.000 euros on average.

We have worked with more than 100 innovative and ambitious green startups in Denmark and abroad. The startups we work with are very successful in raising money, create jobs and make the world greener based on solid business concepts”, says Frederik van Deurs, co-founder & Managing Partner, Green Tech Challenge, in a press release.

The growth program has been successful from the beginning, and by the end of 2017, Green Tech Challenge has helped startups in Copenhagen, London, Helsinki, Lisbon, and Berlin. In 2020 the number of programs will increase to 50 and Green Tech Challenge will be global.

“Rasmus is an excellent example of the commitment and competence that characterizes many startups at the moment, and that is exactly what makes the startup environment so exciting for us as advisors. We wish Rasmus all the best to further develop and commercialize his invention and look forward to following him and the project”, says Lise Lotte Hjerrild, Partner, Horten.