The Eye Tribe, a Copenhagen-based startup launches an affordable version of the eye tracking software service. The startup who received an innovation award in January for “Most Innovative Product” at the world famous Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) in Las Vegas, considers its product the cheapest in the market – a significant breakthrough for millions of people in the world who cannot afford to buy the existing expensive products.

“Especially for patients with the disease ALS, eye tracking is a necessity in order to communicate with family and friends, and for many of these people the low price of the new product is their only chance to have a voice to the outside world,” – says Sune Alstrup Johansen, CEO and co-founder of The Eye Tribe in Trends Online.

Eye Tribe Tracker Pro supports several platforms and a version for Windows is now available for pre-order. With a price of less than 1500 DKK (€ 200), the innovative product is aimed at the general consumer. The system is intended for commercial purposes and can be integrated with OEM systems  making the eye tracker compatible with virtual reality headsets, laptops and mobile phones. The product was proposed two years ago to the developers and now the company has sold more than 10,000 developer kits world wide.

“We have learned a lot and now we are ready to provide a professional version of our eye tracking software for both professionals and consumers. This means that our eye tracking system is now ready for the big market,” – says Sune.

Founded in 2011, the startup has offices set up in silicon valley and has received numerous awards for its technological innovation. The Eye Tribe has won 5 awards for innovation from the CES conference and was among the finalists in Sir Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge in 2015. The company is slowly going global with this successful launch.