Internet Discovery Day, a yearly conference focusing on bringing together startups with investors, will be held at Media Evolution City on the 23rd of May.

This is great news indeed! Internet Discovery Day is widely seen as one of the top events if you run an internet startup. The conference was started by Johan Jörgensen after he got tired about startups complaining that there was no funding, and investors complaining that there where no startups. Since then the event has only grown, and has been held in Stockholm three times so far. That it is held in Malmö gives also Danish startups a chance – it is possible for any startup to register!

“…in fact, I’d like to see more Danish startups. We’ve gotten quite a few signups already but the Swedes are clearly in the lead” said Erik Starck, one of the organisers

The event is known for it’s down-to-earth approach – every startup present is given an roll of papper, a pen and a space in the venue, and you build your presence on the spot. No fancy monters required, and an way of introducing yourself that puts an emphasis on personality and uniqueness. There will also be pitching opportunities.

Placing the event in Malmö gives this region an unique chance in showing what startups are present here, as well as attracting alot of attention to the region. Not to mention that the events are popular because of their fun and good atmosphere.

And the best part is – it doesn’t even cost anything! The event is nowadays held by Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur (IIS), who has made it into one of their main event. Registration is done at their website. The event is a great way for startups to network, meet potential investors and make alot of new acquaintances!