Jesper Zerlang, who previously founded LogPoint and recently sold it, is joining the cybersecurity startup Uniqkey. With 14 years of experience in the IT security industry, Jesper will contribute to accelerating Uniqkey’s European growth.

Since launching its sales in 2020, Uniqkey has experienced significant growth, driven particularly by global security concerns due to geopolitical tensions and Europe’s increasing data security initiatives. With Zerlang’s international expertise, the board expects to further boost growth.

Uniqkey now boasts a customer base of over 400 international companies. A recent capital round has brought the total raised to € 16.5 million. Uniqkey’s unique infrastructure and Danish data center position the company as a strong player in the European market.

Jesper Zerlang brings significant experience and expertise to Uniqkey. He is recognized as one of Denmark’s leading figures in the field of cybersecurity and possesses considerable international experience.

In the context of cybersecurity in Europe, regulations like GDPR and NIS2 have increased the focus on cybersecurity within the European Union. Furthermore, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has heightened the need for robust cybersecurity solutions. Danish companies, such as Uniqkey, are in a strong position due to their ability to comply with relevant regulations and provide advanced cybersecurity solutions.