A Lund-based startup Brainlit was founded in 2012, and its product BioCentric Lighting system mimics natural daylight indoors improving health, well-being, and performance. The biocentric light is adapted to the need of individuals and to activities by using sensor driven LED lighting controlled by their patented software. It is an advanced self-learning system that creates natural light environments for people.

The startup has announced that it received € 10.5 million in a capital investment round. The funding was backed by 75 local investors in a round that was oversubscribed, according to the Swedish media.

Brainlit’s customers include the Swedish Consulate General in Hong Kong, Medicon Village in Lund and The Spark building, which is Sweden’s first fully biocentric building. Prior to this round, in 2017, the company secured almost € 1 million from outside investors.

Source: Nordic9.com.