Verifyter AB, a company that develops and markets PinDown, a software tool for automatic detection and analysis of test failures, has received an investment from Lars-Eric Lundgren a veteran in development industry. Lars-Eric Lundgren started Hardi Electronics which was later bough by Synplicity Hardware Platforms Groups where he continued as CEO. In 2008 Synopsys acquired Synplicity and eventually become Verifyter’s first major client with a three-year license on Pindown.

“PinDown helps solving a large and growing problem. As the complexity of products is continuously increasing, an ever growing amount of development time and work is spent on verification and debug. PinDown plays a key role in solving this challenge. We have confirmed the demand from the market since we set up our office in Silicon Valley last year – companies are constantly looking for more efficient debug and verification tools,” says Lars-Eric Lundgren

Verification often takes up to 80% of development time for large and complex systems but with PinDown the process can be automated. This helps to cut verification time by 30%, reduce costs and dedicate more time to product’s design and quality. PinDown was developed by Daniel Hansson, senior ASIC design engineer with a background in Ericsson, British Arc and ST-Ericsson. It took some time for the company to launch, however, it was very well received and is actively used by Synopsys, a leading EDA vendor headquartered in Silicon Valley.

“We will use the investment to expand our sales and support team in the US in order to meet the growing demand, as well as strengthen the research and development team in order to meet customer expectations and to further solidify our position as the leading provider of solutions for automatic debug,” says Daniel Hansson, CEO of Verifyter.

The details of investment sum remain undisclosed. However, it seems that the contribution is solid enough for the company to stand on its own, according to ETN.