Erik Andersson invests SEK 2.25 million (242,000 euros) in Najell AB, through an investing company called Baby Invest. The startup company creates and markets carriers for babies including the famous Sleep Carrier.

“Erik is a great investor for us because there are clear synergies with several of the companies he has invested in, as they operate in children’s industry such as Teddykompaniet, NoseFrida and Windi. Also, we have good personal chemistry,” says Niklas Najafi, founder of Najell in 8till5.

Najell was founded by Niklas Najafi and Freya Ljungdell Kristensen in 2012. With a launch of their first product Sleep Carrier in 2014 they have attracted interests of various distributors. They now have two products in development. The startup’s focus is to create smart, creative and stylish baby designs in their products. The team also intends to go global by reaching various markets.

“Now we plan to accelerate and this investment makes it possible for us to take the step to work with sales and expand into more markets,” says Niklas Najafi.

This past year sales have grown significantly and the company has received several agreements with international distributors in countries like China, Dubai, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Benelux, Korea and Australia. Najell is also focusing on America as one of the potential markets. With sales on a rise and global plans, the startup plans on hiring a textile specialist and a brand manager.