Swedish Hampahus AB reaches the finals of the Venture Cup competition. Venture Cup is a competition where entrepreneurs all over Scandinavia present business ideas or plans to be successful and give life to their ideas. The categories in which teams can participate are Life Science & Technology, People & Society, Environment & Energy and Web, Software & Media.

The business idea that Hampahus AB presented was in the Environment & Energy category. The participants introduced an innovative design in the building of homes. The application of hemp plant in building materials was the main idea behind the entrepreneurs of Hampahus AB. The team consists of Naib Woldemariam, Remi Loren, Henri Puttonen, Ying Xue, Henrik Jacobsson and Herman Truedsson.

“Hemp is of course a fantastic plant and can offer society several thousand different products and replace much of the products coming from fossil fuels,” Says Naib Woldemariam, one of the driving forces behind the concept.

Not only can hemp be replaced effectively in various products, it also has other benefits such as an eco-friendly alternative. The Hampahus team intends to focus on the construction industry because of the plant’s benefits.

“We believe that it is a product that the construction industry needs because of the environmental demands from companies today. The companies need an environmentally friendly, healthy and energy efficient alternative for prefabricated buildings and Hampahus wants to contribute to the positive environmental impact (zero carbon footprint) with our natural materials,” mentioned in Venture Cup press release.

Hampahus intends to reach the whole country because participation in Venture Cup not only gave them capital of SEK 100,000 but also an awareness of their brand and idea. Hampahus AB’s vision is to establish itself as the leading Nordic supplier of environmentally friendly, healthy and energy-efficient prefabricated hemp buildings.