The demand for healthy and sustainable foods is increasing. Companies have been trying very hard to offer different food substitutes that provide them with necessary proteins and vitamins. For this purpose, the Malmö based company Sproud has specialised in a milk that is vegan, gluten and soy free. Milk that is produced from white peas.

The company has recently announced that it has raised over € 5 million for the production of its pea protein milk and the funding was led by British VGC partners.

Sproud was established in 2018. Since then it has launched in 15 different markets globally, including core markets of the US, UK, and Canada. Their mission is to make the world´s best tasting, most sustainable and nutritious plant-based milk available for as many people as possible and that is not harmful for the planet. They have introduced milk from peas and are available in four different flavors. Sproud Original, Sproud Barista, Sproud Unsweetened and Sproud chocolate are some of the flavors.

“The most important thing was to find a healthy and sustainable alternative to bovine milk, which tasted as close to the real thing as possible. Now that even the world’s fussiest milky tea drinkers, the Brits, have welcomed us with open arms, we know that Sproud has the perfect neutral taste!” says Maria Tegman, head of brand at Sproud.

The idea is one of many different possible ingredients.

“When we started to look into sustainable vegetables and grains, we were looking at several alternatives. Soy was out of the question, what with all the bad press, and oats were too sweet for our liking. That’s when we thought of an old Nordic favorite – the yellow split pea. Peas fit the bill perfectly since they can grow almost anywhere and are not that weather dependent. Rainwater is sufficient and the crop is tough enough to make do without pesticides,” says Tegman.

The main ingredients are white pea proteins, water, agave syrup, non-gmo canola oil, acidity regulator, calcium carbonate, gluten free oat oil to provide creamy taste, salt, vitamin a, vitamin b2, vitamin b12, vitamin d, that boost the nutritional content.

Sproud is now in competition with Oatly, it’s billion dollar neighbour who spread its oat milk all over the world.

“There is a gap now where we can take up the fight with the big industries, which should do more”. says the CEO and founder of Sproud,

Oat milk contains around 1 gram of protein while Sproud’s milk contains 2 grams per serving. If we compare it with dairy milk then dairy milk contains about 8 grams of protein per cup.

Sproud’s pea protein milk is available for purchase online on its website, as well as on Amazon or Vitacost. It can also be purchased in a variety of independent retailers and cafes.