Malmö-based (previously Helsingborg-based) startup Fieldly works on digitalising project management for construction businesses, and offers both app- and web-based services. Currently Fieldly has over 25 000 registered users, and in one year the company expects to have doubled that figure.

The startup has recently raised 1.5 million EUR from the existing owners in order to accelerate internationalisation. What is more, there is a shift between Fieldly’s CEO and chairman.

Anders Boman has now become the CEO. He had worked as the portfolio manager for Oxford University Innovation and LU Innovation, prior to being the chairman of Fieldly. The co-founder, and previously the CEO, Daniel Krusenstråhle is now taking over the chairman and product manager positions.

“Since we were founded five years ago, we have had a great product focus and invested in finding a good “product market fit”. Now we have found it, and we are therefore ready to invest in scaling up our sales organisation. Daniel’s great passion is product development and this is what he wants to focus on, when we now enter the next phase”, says Sven Paulin, the co-founder and marketing manager.

Fieldly has been experiencing a steady growth, especially during the autumn. According to Sven, this is a monthly increase of about 10 percent, in terms of recurring revenue. This means that net sales for 2019 will land at over 650 000 EUR, twice as much as 2018.

“We are moving forward as never before with very satisfied customers. For example, a site manager in a customer case from Veidekke indicates that our product saves at least an hour per person per day”, Sven continues.

The startup currently has paying customers in six countries and will now invest in a further international expansion. Initially, the sales organisation in Malmö will be responsible for the investment, but the company is also considering opening offices in selected parts of the world.

The new capital comes from existing owners with Christer Dahlén at the forefront. Other investors include business angels such as Mårten Öbrink, Jan Karlander, Dan Nilsson and Lars Dahlén.

Source: Rapidus.