Martin Walfisz, who founded Massive Entertainment, has together with Teis Anker Mikkelsen launched a startup, Multiscription, that bridges the gap between paid and free-to-play mobile games. Their new business model gives mobile game publishers a new approach to subscription services with the in-game benefits that enriches game experiences.

The startup, active in both Malmö and Copenhagen, has raised € 800.000 (8 million SEK) from business angels so far, with the aim of raising a similar round this spring, according do Rapidus,

“Last year, we built a technology platform and we have now contacted game publishers to integrate Multiscription into their games. We have received positive responses from at least fifty publishers, which is a big step forward” says Martin Walfisz to Rapidus.

Multiscription has two ways to sell mobile games: free-to-play and premium. The free to play offers a unique in-game benefits, but with advertising breaks or pay for benefits in the game, whereas with the premium, the customers pay for the service directly. The new business model is a combination of free to play and monthly subscription.