Neo Technology, the creators of Neo4j, just announced that they have managed to raise no less then €8,5M ($11M) in funding. This is their Series B round, having already raised €10M ($13M) in previous rounds. The round was led by Sunstone Capital.

The company has shown impressive growth, stating a 440% growth since 2011. Also, just being able to put out a pressrelease with a quote from Seth Godin (CEO of Squidoo) must indeed be considered an indicator of success!

Neo4j, their main product, is one of the world’s leading graph database, having recently been selected at InfoWorlds 2012 awards. It provides a reliable Java-based platform for conquering highly interconnected database problems. With an list of impressive costumers it has become an integrated part of many others products.

The raised capital will be used for hiring 15-20 new employees, 5-10 of them engineers. With the layoffs at Ericsson, Nokia and other big tech companies in the region, the timing looks good for finding highly competent engineers. The team is however not afraid of hiring where the talent is:

“How many them will be based in Malmö is hard to say, as we will be going for skills and expertise only when recruiting”

CEO Emil Eifrém said to Rapidus.