Ecokraft, a provider of solar energy solutions, has announced its acquisition of Fenix Solar, a company specializing in the monitoring and optimization of solar panel installations. This is part of Ecokraft’s growth strategy to solidify its position in the sustainable energy sector within Sweden.

Founded in 2020, Fenix Solar has quickly established itself as a key player in the solar industry with its technology focused on optimizing solar energy yield. The Helsingborg-based startup will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary within the Ecokraft group, ensuring that its specialized services remain intact.

Technological Synergy and Enhanced Customer Solutions

Fenix Solar’s technology for proactive fault detection and optimization is expected to complement Ecokraft’s existing offerings. By integrating their capabilities they will provide more advanced solutions to their customers, enabling quicker detection of operational issues and minimizing production losses.

“The purchase of Fenix Solar is a significant part of our growth strategy and confirms our leading position within sustainable energy solutions in Sweden. Fenix Solar’s technology complements our offerings excellently and enhances our ability to deliver secure and efficient solar energy solutions to our customers.”

says Johan Nyblom, CEO of Ecokraft

A Bright Future Under a New Family

“We are incredibly excited to be part of a new and larger family, where we are confident that the conditions to make a real difference in the industry are unbeatable. We look forward to working together with the talented and competent team at Ecokraft.”

Eric Witt, CEO of Fenix Solar, commented on the acquisition, highlighting the benefits of joining a larger family.

Fenix Solar was established with the mission to simplify solar data analysis for individuals who wish to contribute to a better climate through solar energy use. The company prides itself on being skilled at what they do, which includes ensuring that no potential solar radiation is wasted. This focus aligns well with Ecokraft’s mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions.