In a recent report by Invest Europe, Sweden and Denmark have been highlighted as two of the three leading countries in investment activities across Europe, relative to their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2023. This notable achievement underscores the robust investment climates and innovative ecosystems thriving within these Nordic nations.

The report analyzes investment data across the continent, provides detailed insights into the investment patterns observed in various European countries. The 2023 data reflects a continued trend towards strong investment activities in Sweden and Denmark, placing them in the top three for investment per GDP in Europe, together with Finland.

Continuing on recent trends, Sweden and Denmark have been identified as leaders in venture capital and private equity investments relative to their GDP in Europe for the year 2023. They are positioning themselves as substantial players in the European investment landscape. Both Sweden and Denmark have in 2023 also gained in position of the United Kingdom, the historic strongest place for attracting VC and PE investments.

Across Europe, the pattern of investment per GDP reveals significant variability. While Nordic countries generally exhibit higher investment rates, traditional powerhouses like the UK, France and Germany show more moderate figures. The UK, for instance, posted an investment rate of 0.752%, which, while competitive, underscores the shifting dynamics of investment across Europe.

The high investment rates in Sweden and Denmark not only enhance their positions within Europe but also attract global attention to the Nordic model of fostering startups. This model integrates robust support systems, including funding, mentorship, and strategic partnerships, which are essential for scaling new technologies and solutions across global markets.

Full report can be found here.