The first lean startup accelerator program in the region has been launched! On the 3rd of February, the Helsingborg- based THINK announced through Twitter that a new accelerator model is replacing the traditional incubator model.

Because of global competition regarding technology, communication and new business models, one can see a trend moving from incubators to accelerators. Focus lies in speed, learning and mentorship. And THINK decided that having it’s old 2 year program was not needed in todays fast-moving envirment.

About the program

The idea of the accelerator program is to enhance digital startup’s competitiveness. This is done through a three months program, where the entrepreneur will be guided through the stages of ideation process and prototypes’ developing. The grand finale of the program is the day of pitching the idea to business angels and other investors. During the whole program one will have access to coaching by mentors and business coaches like those from small business coaching Edmonton.

“THINK is a lean startup accelerator based at Mindpark in Helsingborg. We help promising startups grow through coaching and mentoring, a great workspace and access to business angels and investors” says Johannes Ivarsson.

From incubator to accelerator

Since THINK started as an incubator in 2012 the program has been home to startups such as Fieldly, Swiftcourt, Bilprospekt, HOI and Digitalpost. These companies, and additional ones, will continue to be a part of the THINK network to share knowledge and experiences from their own startup journey. Overall very promising startups have been part of the previous THINK incubator program.

Good news for digital entrepreneurs interested in applying for the accelerator program; the application period is now open until March 20th.

Note: this THINK accelerator is not to be confused with the Thinkubator, which has recently been announced in the region as well!