This is the bi-weekly update from Foo Café, that crazy eventspace at Media Evolution City!

Kick start

This season’s first two events were fully booked. Our events are becoming more popular at the same speed as increase in event numbers. Reserve your seat as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


This week

Is full of interesting talks, check the list:
– Humorous Speaking Contest, Monday evening
– Regression Test Game, Tuesday evening
– Ruby meetup, Tuesday evening
– Database as a Service, Wednesday lunch
– Our 2 year Anniversary, Wednesday evening
– Startup Dojo, Thursday evening
– CreativeMornings, Friday morning


International speakers

We have a great line-up of international speakers coming to Foo Café:
– Brian Underwood (USA), August 26, Ruby meetup
– Emily Bache (UK), August 27, Our Celebration
– Salim Badakhchani (UK), September 1, AW Seminar
– Simon Brown (UK), September 12, ØSCG meetup
– Erik Dörnenburg (Germany), September 25, AW Seminar
And more on the way …


2 years of Love

Join us for our 2 years of Love Celebration on August 27 – a fun and interesting evening with lots of surprises. We are really happy that Emily Bache is coming. Read more about the event here.

We have already planned around 90 events for this Autumn and 24 of them are already in our event calendar – check the entire list here.

Guess you already know that all our events are for everybody – you don’t need a membership – and most of the events are free.

In the meantime you can view a video from our archive of recorded seminars from our Facebook page and Twitter account. And of course check out all our videos (almost 100) on our YouTube channel.
In the autumn you have the chance to enter our Speaker Challenge where the winner will present at Øredev in the beginning of November. Everybody presenting at Foo Café before October 3 will take part in this challenge. The Speaker Challenge final takes place on October 16. Read more about the Speaker Challenge here.

See our website ( for information on the rest of the events!

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See you soon!

Carina, Håkan and Michael