, Denmark’s new online takeaway order service, now accepts Bitcoins as a legitimate payment method. By working with Bitcoin provider, Coinify, has enabled its customers to order food from over 800 restaurants using their Bitcoins, with the same ease and legitimacy as by credit card, PayPal or debit card.

“We want to make it easy and convenient to order and pay for one’s takeaway and Bitcoin plays a role in this. We daren’t predict how many will exploit this option, but we’ve already seen an interest which exceeds our expectations.” explains CEO, Rune Risom to Trendsonline.

Meanwhile, competitor, the only alternative to available to Danish consumers, is yet to integrate Bitcoin into their service.

The Benefits of Bitcoin

The currency which was first introduced in 2009 and has since gained a lot of attention and praise, but is yet to be adopted by the majority of online merchants. The system works entirely independent of banks or governments, making it the first decentralized, digital currency. Transmitted from person to person, and kept by the individual in a digital ‘wallet’, Bitcoins are bought and sold through online exchanges and can be earned, with the help of providers like Coinify, through mobile devices by push advertising.

Prior to’s strategic move to incorporate Bitcoin into its services, the currency had been chiefly used in Denmark to purchase such items as digital services, books and electronics. Risom believes the primary advantages of using the currency lie in the honesty it demands:

“Bitcoin has the distinct advantage that it is not possible to cheat, unlike as it is with credit cards. This means that we needn’t be concerned about scams using stolen cards, but can be sure of receiving money for the food which has been ordered.” Risom deems.

Other pros include that they allow the consumer to dodge the pesky Danish taxes, minimize the transaction fees of the firms using them and eliminate the chance of charge-backs.

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