This is part of the bi-monthly column by Foo Café.

Motivated employees, reinvented organizations, WebVR, eavesdropping TVs and personal social hubs – sound interesting? Stop by our Malmö location for some free knowledge boosts:

Next week at Foo Café Malmö

– Torben Grut, Frontit, shares insight on what creates a motivating and innovative work culture: Morötter och piskor är för åsnor. Motivation 3.0 är här! (fully booked)
CoderDojo – we teach kids programming. Two classes every Monday and Wednesday

– Teal for Teal, a new user group at Foo Cafe, kicks off discussing leadership that spawns purpose, trust, and engagement: Reinventing Organizations

Sigma takes us on an IoT-journey, reflecting on privacy through the eyes of too welcoming house appliances and eavesdropping TV-sets in The unsecure Internet of you, me and other Things
Patwic continues to teach young people advanced programming, using Python. This takes place every Wednesday

– Andrés Taylor, Neo4j, talk about the background and applications of graph database querying in The Past, Present, and Future of the Cypher Query Language
– MalmöJS push web development even further, inviting you to a seminar and live coding workshop involving WebVR – virtual reality in the browser

– Social Media Com opens your mind to how our surroundings influence the things we interact with in The new local social experience

Later in May and early June

May 30
– Henrik Glimberg, Tieto, talks about the challenge of modernization, the hardest thing you can do in IT?
– Malmö Toastmasters continues teaching you to becomea better speaker

June 1
– Jens Grip, Odd Hill, gives us a crash course in Holacracy – an agile approach to managing your organisation
– Foo Cafe staff host a creative mobile app workshop, Fitting Foo in Your Pocket, mixed with inspirational speakers on the topic of events and social networks.

June 2
Startup Dojo invites you to test your startup ideas, practice your pitch, and connect with the startup community.

June 3
– IDF Malmö teaches us to apply multi-sensory design principles: Using multi-sensorial design to communicate effectively
– Øresund Startups showcase the most successful local businesses in Top 50 startups and the state of the region

See you soon
Michael, Carina, Martin & Jacob