This is part of the bi-weekly column from Foo Café.

You already we host lots of free events during off-office hours. It’s where the magic happens when people with same interests meet.

This week we have following events;

– Tonight is the last event in our Book Club series “Building Microservices
– LEDA has a lunch meet-up today. Tomorrow (Tuesday) they will focus on “Recruiting with AI
– If you are interested in becoming a better speaker, ourTech-talker course starts on Tuesday evening.
The AngularJS user group will have their second meet-up on Tuesday evening
– Thursday evening focuses on “Transformational IT and it’s disruptive effects” – it’s all about new ways of working and doing business.

Next week

Tuesday evening – “The unknowing nemesis of IT security – The user
Wednesday evening is our Speaker Challenge Grand Final – The three best presentations at Foo Café this year will present and compete to become Best speaker of the year. These are three excellent presentations. Don’t miss them.

Thursday is the monthly Startup Dojo – come and present your business idea and/or listen and discuss brilliant ideas on how we can make this planet a better place.

We are also promoting a couple of friendly priced courses…

Check out the Tech-talker course – How to become a better presenter in just 6 weeks.

Certified ScrumMaster – December 15-16. Mark the date in your calendar.

See the full list of events on – we constantly update our website with new events.

See you soon
Michael, Carina, Melinda & Ebba