Denmark’s largest venture fund SEED Capital has recently invested millions in Swedish-born Tailify, to bring you the hottest Danish/Swedish collaboration since the hit TV show, The Bridge. Following this investment, Tailify, which sells influencer marketing of visual social media, will be migrating south to operate from within the Danish startup scene.  Why the change to the other side of the Oresund? SEED Capital provides the answer:

“We talked Tailify into moving the business to Denmark to become part of our portfolio. We want to use our experience and network  to help them to fuel even greater growth, and to scale the company, which has global ambitions. Meanwhile, the Danish startup environment will benefit from another tech startup with big ambitions and global growth opportunities, ” says their  Investment Manager, Helle Uth.

It’s a first for Swedish startups moving to the Danish side of the startup scene, but something we may be seeing more of in the near future.

Changing Online Advertising for the Better

Sick of ugly banners and annoying pop-up ads, five Swedes sought to change this for the better and redefine online advertisement: and so Tailify was born. Tailify gives brands a new opportunity to start and monitor trends,  using the power of social media influencers. And its no easy market to crack:

“It’s hard to find the right influencers without thorough knowledge of the market and almost impossible to measure the impact, unless technical knowledge and the right tools are in place. With Tailify we have created a all-in-one solution for influencer marketing. We both prepare, distribute and measure visual campaigns, typically in collaboration with the client’s media agency, “said CEO Frederick Segerby.

Talify has already sealed agreements with Disney, Marc Jacobs and Unilever. With the investment from SEED Capital under their belt, the startup is ready to conquer even more customers and expand their global horizons further still.

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