After a year in Stockholm, GetAccept has chosen to return to Malmö where it all started. By moving their main office to Malmö, GetAccept hopes to benefit from the strong entrepreneurial culture of the city and the proximity to the rest of Northern Europe.

“In Stockholm, it is a completely different type of entrepreneurial spirit than in Malmö where companies increasingly want to help each other,” says Mathias Thulin, co-founder of GetAccept.

GetAccept was founded in 2015 by Samir Smajic, Carl Carell, Jonas Blanck, and Mathias Thulin. The platform enables companies to send requests for electronic signatures, a feature which makes B-to-B more manageable.

Using the platform, companies are able to send out digital offers. The sales process can, thereafter, be followed live on the platform. If the process comes to a halt, the GatAccept will automatically launch a reminder in the form of a banner advertisement, an e-mail or an SMS.

After returning to Malmö, GetAccept has been working hard to expand their team within the fields of sales and software development. Six new employees have already been hired including Anders Holmberg who will be acting as the company’s new Nordic Manager.

Though their main office has been moved to Malmö, GetAccept will continue to have some presence in Stockholm through their sales and delivery offices. The company is also active in the USA with offices both in San Francisco and Palo Alto.