TwentyThree, a video marketing platform, has acquired Jyske Bank as a new client. This is especially significant for the startup as Jyske Bank, who pioneers in content marketing, has decided to go with TwentyThree over other established video marketing platform providers.

“Having a video marketing pioneer like Lasse and the Jyske Bank team choose a new product in front of the established players, really validates what we’re trying to do.” says Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Co-founder & CEO at TwentyThree.

The company is very proud of its achievement as they have landed a client who is considered a digital innovator. TwentyThree will become the foundation for Jyske Bank’s content marketing.

“We were looking for a video platform to stake our future on, a platform that will let us move beyond plays, become more data-driven and automated.” says Lasse Høgfeldt, Head of Communications and Editor-in-Chief at Jyske Bank in TwentyThree’s press release.

It is clear that TwentyThree is what Jyske Bank was looking for. The startup has transformed the video marketing space, creating the first integrated video marketing platform and plans to bring more success to Jyske Bank.