The Danish startup Comundu is an app for hostels and potential guest to communicate. The hostels provide information about the destination, such as events, tours and offers, and  in return the backpackers rate the hostels, stay updated about the destination and can communicate with fellow guests.

Yesterday, Comundu announced that Henning Arp-Hansen, chairman of the hotel chain and the family business Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, will invest the startup. Henning Arp-Hansen enters as a private investor and will take a seat on the Comundu board. The amount is not revealed, but said to be in the six digits euro size.

“There is a market for the digital solution that Comundu has created, and I think Lasse and Mia and the rest of the team behind Comundu is right to move the project forward,” says Henning Arp-Hansen.

Comundu was founded by the siblings Lasse Grosen och Mia Grosen together with the technology partner Michael Clausen of Sortedam Ventures. The idea of Comundu came during a trip to Istanbul in 2013 and about a year later the app was launched.

The first investment for Comundu was received from Morten Dam Jespersen, founder of the Nordic policy and economics consultancy DAMVAD. Dam Jespersen is also chairman of the Comundu board together with Michael Clausen, who also is the CTO of Comundu.

“With the existing investors, and now also Henning Arp-Hansen and his knowledge of the market, we have a very competent board. We are well prepared to enter the market with our solution and think long term. For a young company like Comundu, it is important to get the right resources at the right time” says Lasse Grosen, founder and CEO.

In the middle of April this year, Comundu launched their European version. In the next coming months more than 50 hostels will be available on the app, primarily in major European cities. But one can also find hostels in Vancouver, Kanada or Bangkok, Thailand.