Last weekend, the small startup Click A Taxi, won the prestigious App of the Year during the Danish App Awards, held at the Center for Danish Design in Copenhagen.

This is the second time the event is held in Denmark, and this years winner came out ahead of some very big competitors such as McDonalds, heineken and Danske Bank. Apart from winning App of the Year, Click A Taxi also took home the prize for Best usability, Best Travel and Leisure App of the year, which surely their customers can attest to being a fair judgement.

Says member of the jury, Willie Wu, about Click a Taxi:

“Click A Taxi is a beautiful, simple and user friendly app that makes it super easy to book a taxi. If you’re in Madrid and you don’t speak Spanish and don’t know a safe local company, you just tap on the app and ten minutes later you’re on the way back to the hotel. The app sets itself apart from the other nominees by saving the user the bother of an otherwise time consuming task .”

From we say congratulations.

Source: Click A Taxi Pressrelease.