There are things brewing in the online food delivery business. In 2011 Morten Larsen, Managing Director at the successfull danish startup JustEat, left the company and announced recently that he is involved in a new project:, together with atleast two other former JustEat employees. The announcement itself stirred a sligt upheaval, as others who have left JustEat have said the company has lost it’s great culture – most notoriously Jesper Buch, the co-founder of the company. This is something that just recently was commented on in an blogpost from one of the current employees, who felt prompted to announce that JustEat still has the same great culture, even as the compnay grows bigger now. is also announced that they have started a collaboration with Deliveryhero – a company that started as Lieferheld in Berlin and that later bought Deliveryhero is now chaired by onlinepizzas founder, the swede Niklas Östberg, and a collaboration with them could definetly provide a good boost to the new startup.
In Berlin Deliveryhero has however been in the spotlight because of allegation of copying and sabotaging it’s main rivals business, and Deliveryheros founder and co-CEO just recently left over the reigns to Niklas Östberg.

What the future will hold for is impossible to foresee, but the digital food delivery marked is still new and there are still not many players in it, so with the right attitude and timing this could be a success even bigger then JustEat.