An international charity hackathon IDEAID will take place on 28th February – 2nd March at Kforum (the hacking) and Republikken (presentations). IDEAID was created by a group of young entrepreneurs with the aim to help the charity organisation IBIS in finding innovative solutions for the complex social problems in Ghana.

IDEAID will not be over when the winners are found. The winning team, chosen by a jury together with representatives from IBIS, will receive the main prize – a trip to Ghana where their project will be tested in real life together with partner organisations of IBIS. The final solutions will be judged on 4 criteria: originality, technical execution, design & interaction, and feasibility.

The event will host more than 50 participants from several European countries, including Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, and Norway. The competitors will use their skills in concept development, design and programming to work in teams of 3 people on specific challenges presented by IBIS. Daniel Mierzwinski, co-founder of IDEAID is excited about the upcoming weekend:

“We are extremely overwhelmed to see that people will travel to Copenhagen from all over Europe to participate in our event. This shows that we have a good foundation and have succeeded with spreading our message, but in the coming week we will have to prove our worth.”

On the first day, the participants of IDEAID will be presented with the issues that IBIS experiences in Ghana, which is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of the challenges. In addition to that, there will also be talks on how to create solutions in a short time. Saturday will be dedicated to actual work on challenges and solutions. The participants will also be taught how to skillfully present their ideas.

IDEAID culminates on Sunday, when the teams will deliver their solutions at 9.00 in the morning. After that, the teams move to other facilities where the projects will be presented. While the jury makes their decision, Jacob Silas Lund from Play31 will talk about his book, in which he describes his experiences with child soldiers in Sierra Leone.

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