Trendsonline reports that the instagram-startup Sponsta has just announced that they have received investment from the two Danish business angels.

Sponsta gives companies a platform where they can find instagram-users that matches their brand to sponsor them, has just received an investment from the two business angels, Tommy Ahlers and Andreas Rasmussen.

The contact between Sponsta and the two business angels stems from the AngelNext initiative that both #CPHFTW and #malmostartups organises regularly. Sponsta was one of the many startups that pitched at the latest event in Copenhagen.

Tommy Ahlers was very impressed with the general level of the event, but seems to especially Sponsta stuck out:

“I saw them for AngelNext on Rainmaking Loft, where they stood out as something special. Both their very dedicated team and so the market as they move in. The market for Instagram is huge, and I do not think that goes a long time before it is booming.” says the former CEO of Podio and ZYB to Trendsonline.

Andreas Rasmussen, who is managing partner of Nodes, a London / Copenhagen-based company that develops mobile apps also sees great opportunities in Sponstas market.

“By investing in Sponsta I have invested in a market I understand, since I have owned a digital agency for 7 years. We feel especially in London there is a need for Sponstas services. The fact that they had already made the product and had customers only made the decision easier.” said Andreas to Trendsonline.

Reaching 100 million instagram users already

In June this year launched sponsta their product by advertising the event Cannes Lions in France. Sponsta currently has 160 brands signed up and more than 3 000 instagram users from around the world, which together have over 100 million followers. This is why advertising in some form of digital or traditional platforms like in billboards or the use of Vinyl floor graphics is important.

The team behind Sponsta consists of Philip Alexander Bock, Daniel Mierzwinski and Bo Winther. Phillip Alexander Bock is operating out of London, focusing on the market, while Daniel Mierzwinski and Bo Winther is in Copenhagen with a focus on the product.