Pej has developed a service that makes it possible to order and pay on the mobile phone at service places, such at restaurants, arenas and amusement parks.

Recently the startup has received 2.5 million EUR, and the media giant Schibsted is the main investor.

“We are convinced that Schibsted will be able to contribute to Pej’s growth through a series of synergies, not least because Pej targets both end consumers and salespeople, so our marketing channels will be particularly attractive. Collaborations with other of our companies will also be relevant,” says Kajsa Gatenbeck, investment manager, Schibsted.

The business model is based on two components, one of which is fixed and another is varied. The price for the service is set, among other things, according to how much of the platform’s functions the customer uses.

“We see that the interest and expectations on self-service is rising among end consumers. Pej is based on a platform that allows both large and small companies to easily offer this to their customers. Our strength lies in being able to adapt the solution to specific customer behaviors, which often differ from place to place,” says Victor Sandberg, co-founder and CEO of Pej.

Pej is also planning to use the technology for transactions in commerce and ticket sales in the future.

Source: Schibsted.