Nordic E-commerce Summit, which previously has been held in Stockholm throughout the years, will now for the first time be held in this region. The conference, which has established itself as the biggest e-commerce conference in the Nordics, is also heavily focused on not just B2C products, but also B2C service, sold online.

“We are very proud of having so many international speakers, and that it is more then just product focused e-commerce but also services, such as AirBnB. I believe there is a lot of knowledge being gained from looking into different industries in the online sector and how they operate.” says Sarah Wittbom, chief organiser.

The conference will be held at Malmö Arena, and is estimated to draw 2000 attendees from all over the Nordics and Europe. New for this event is also a larger focus on startups, with special discounts for businesses with new ideas. There will be a special pitch session on the main stage for startups on the 5th of November.

“I want the big players to be inspired by new startup and ideas. E-commerce companies are not always that disruptive, but often rather gradually improving. I want them to get inspiration and connections with people who solve problems in completely new ways”. Sarah says

Long list of speakers – both regional and international

Speakers at the conference include a long list of interesting internatonal guests:

  • Daniel Cowen, Co-Founder at 3Doodler will talk about staying focused on product development after capital investments.
  • Praveen Sinha, Co-Founder of Jabong, will talk about the booming e-commerce in India.
  • Even Heggernes from Airbnb will talk about building digital trust within ”The Sharing Economy”
  • Andrew Murphy, Retail Director at John Lewis, about growing to their e-commerce business to over $ 1 billion.

But also a focus on bigger names from the region:

  • Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO at Euroflorist will give a presentation about modern leadership
  • Hermann Haraldsson, CEO at will talk about building the next generation e-retail “factory”.
  • Mikael Olander, CEO at Bygghemma, about pioneering online retail – a second time
  • Jan Höjman, CEO at Tailor Store about global production based on a commitment to the local community

Just to name a few. If you are in any way involved in e-commerce, this conference is something that should not be missed.

When: 5 – 6th november 2014
Where: Malmö Arena
Tickets: Register here, use discount code ‘Oresund’ for special price

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