How quickly this year has passed: next Friday, the 26th of December, marks the final Silicon Drinkabout of 2014.

And what a year it has been in the Oresund Region, with the relocation of DTU SKylab, the success of various workshops and events including Crowdsourcing Week EU in Copenhagen and G33K C4mp, exciting awards won by up and coming Oresund startups at, amongst others, Venture Cup Sweden and Denmark, as well as the first every event held truly in the Oresund region: Oresund Startup Weekend, the boat-based 54 hour event of the year.

We already know there’s plenty to look forward to in 2015, such as the opening of a new Entrepreneur House in Malmö (and lots more Copenhagen Drinkabouts!)

So join us in a drink to celebrate the achievements of the past year, and anticipate those promised by the new year. The evening will be spent in a Copenhagen bar (check the Facebook group for details) from 18:00 to 19:00.

Keep up to date with Silicon Drinkabout Copenhagen, which combines entrepreneurial spirit with actual spirits, by keeping an eye on the Facebook group, with updates on who’s going and where events will be held.

Best wishes for 2015 everyone!