Malmö-based company Packbud has developed a digital service that matches people who need something moved with transport- and moving companies that have space in their trucks. The goal is to make use of spare capacity in the transport sector. Now the company is closing an agreement with Sweden’s largest online buying and selling market Blocket and will become a shipping option in the private advertisements on their website, reports digital.

The collaboration will begin with a trial period to collect data on how customers want to arrange transportation of furniture and gadgets, but the partners hope to develop the service further.

This is a huge opportunity to show that our service is working and that there is a great demand. For us, Blocket is one of the best partners one can have, says the company’s CEO and founder Michael Funa.

Packbud was founded in 2013 by alpine skier Thomas Fogdö and entrepreneurs Michael Funa and Par Wrede Dahl. Since its inception, the company has taken in 4 million SEK (over 400.000 euro) in venture capital from venture capital firm Aggregate Media and a variety of angel investors.

Already hundreds of transport- and moving companies are connected to Packbud. Most of the users are individuals who purchased something on a buy- and sell website. The service is also used by small businesses for smaller shipments.

We are looking at a solution for door-to-door delivery to make it as smooth as possible for the Swedish people to buy and sell from each other. We are pleased to have Packbud as a partner in this. They can solve the delivery of basically anything, while at the same time the service is environment friendly, says Jan Prokopec, president of Blocket.