The winner of Green Tech Challenge 2016 has been decided. The prize goes to SBT Aqua for their groundbreaking new technology, which makes it faster, better, and cheaper to measure water. This year’s final was held at the Confederation of Danish industry and SBT Aqua’s victory was announced by the well-esteemed business woman Stine Bosse.

“We are very honored to be announced as winners. Especially with the other incredible participants in mind. The announcement comes at a very convenient time since we are trying to raise more money and an incubator program like Green Tech Challenge gives great exposure,” says Gustav Skands, CEO and founder of SBT Aqua.

SBT has created an innovative technology, which utilizes sensors to measure inorganic particles and bacteria concentration in water. Traditional water measurement is a slow and demanding process. SBT Aqua’s new technology shows great promise in making it quicker to detect polluted water.

The vision of SBT Aqua is to secure pure water all over the world and winning the Green Tech Challenge is an important benchmark for achieving their goal. Martin A. Petersen, one of the founders of Green Tech Challenge has expressed big admiration for the dedication of the team and their in-depth business understanding.

SBT Aqua have, however, been in tight competition as this year’s challenge has seen some incredibly innovative startups and talented teams. Out of the 19 other participants, many have shown potential for global scaling.

“We are extremely proud of having this many amazing startups with dedicated people participating this year, and we are certain that they will succeed in the years to come,” says Martin A. Petersen.

The Challenge was founded in 2015 by four Danish entrepreneurs and it is already the biggest greentech investment event in Denmark. This year, 86 startups applied and Green Tech Challenge is now looking to expand abroad.