Project Rain World has been a great success in their ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Currently, with two weeks left to go, 1920 backers have pledged over $ 42 000, vastly exceeding the initial goal of raising $ 25 000. Rainworld is a game developed by Malmö game developer Joar Jakobsson and James Primate, a composer and sound designer based out of Boston, USA. The main character is a fluffy white “slugcat” trying to surviving a hostile world full of lizard-like creatures and other dangers. Rain World has been under development for almost three years now, more technical details and concept discussion can be found on the TIGsource forum.

“Apparently it is very rare that a game gets so many backers so quickly on Kickstarter and also attention from the indie game scene, a scene I’m pretty new too. This has been completely unexpected. I am a mixture of dazed, flattered, overwhelmed and terrified” said Joar Lisberg Jakobsson to Sydsvenskan.

The new goal of Rain World project is to raise $ 50 000 for financing extended game development and bring it not only to PC and Mac, but also Linux platform. Backers who pledge $ 25 or more are promised early access to the game, estimated in August 2014.