IT company Jayway opens a new lab in Copenhagen, following the collaboration with Samsung-owned SmartThings. The lab will focus on smart buildings and cities, and be situated in the same building as the company’s existing office in Copenhagen.

“Our VR and AR lab in Malmö has been very successful. Many big companies have been there and experienced the potential of technology, so we want to do something similar but focusing on smart buildings and cities”, says Jayway’s CEO Philip Kron to Rapidus.

In a deal worth $200 million, SmartThings was acquired by Samsung three years ago and has established itself as a distinguished developer for smart houses. The company currently operates independently within the framework of the Samsung Group and is responsible for its Internet of Things development.

Jayway and SmartThings have collaborated within the IoT area for a year and the lab now being built in Copenhagen is part of this cooperation. The lab will also contain technology from another leading domestic automation company that Jayway collaborates with. The new lab is expected to open next year, which initially involves at least six new services in Copenhagen.

Since the start, Jayway has been working on small IT consultancy assignments and in recent years, they have also taken on major projects, such as the technology development of Gleerup’s digital teaching materials and Kronaby smart watches.

During 2017, Jayway has hired over 50 people worldwide and now has more than 200 employees. Next year, Philip Kron expects another 40 people to be recruited, and sales will exceed SEK 200 million with margin. Plans are also on launching a Stockholm lab with a focus on the Internet of Things for retail.

This year, sales of approximately SEK 175 million, an increase of approximately 10 million from 2016.