Copenhagen-based Mate Bike sets a new crowdfunding record among Danish startups. After 45 days on Indiegogo the team reached over 4200 percent of their initial funding goal, surpassing previous record by Airtame, and therefore becoming the most successful campaign of the year, writes TrendsOnline. In total Mate Bike raised ovre 3,5 million $ (over 23 million DKK).

Mate Bike is not just another bike though. It is a foldable two-wheeled electric hero designed for people with active lifestyle.

“With Mate Bike we have touched upon something in people that makes them want to have an active lifestyle, and we want to hold on to. So our mission is to make the bike a regular part of everyday life for more people,” – explains Christian Adel Michael.

Through the crowdfunding campaign Mate Bike was pre-ordered by 3000 people. The buyers are predominantly experienced backers according to co-founder Julie Carton. This means that the bike has been noticed by a very active community via funding platform Indiegogo. Most backers have been very active in the commentary track, which led to a lot of traffic and knowledge sharing between the different backers.

“They want to see pictures from the production and get updates on developments in Mate Bike. So it’s one of the things we very much focus on right now,” – says Julie Carton.

Because high quality is one of the key features of Mate Bike, the company has someone overlooking production process which is taking place in China. It includes intense inspections of components and production facilities.

Mate Bike is a lifestyle product, so the plan is to run sales via their own website, not through bike shops. And then there is also a discussion about future collaborations with various design companies, so the focus will be on making the bike more delicious and unique.

Apart from the crowdfunding success, Mate Bike together with other 19 startups has been selected to compete in Green Tech Challenge, where the companies will compete for the ability to pitch the front of a number of investors on the last day.