Uniti is bound to reinvent the automobile through its high-tech, sustainable and socially responsible city car. They are now in the process of bringing in 500,000€ through the online crowdfunding platform FundedByMe.

Uniti started as an open innovation research project at Lund University and has grown to a workforce exceeding 20 people. The idea is simple; cars of today are oversized and overpowered for urban transportation, while also causing several problems for the environment and for our health. By building a futuristic car based on electric means alone, city mobility can be achieved in both a sustainable and efficient way; enough said!

Team Unity is determined to realize their dream of building a fully electric city car for the next generation and has launched a crowdfunding campaign a couple of weeks ago to get the necessary financing.

The goal with the financing round is to bring in 500,000 € for a 5,10% ownership of the company, giving Uniti a post-money value of 9,800,000 €. The share price is set to 10€ and the minimum investment is 500€. Company as well as individual investments are welcomed.

So far, the interest has been very high. As of October 16th, 370 investors have reserved stocks, making the campaign oversubscribed with 52%, pretty impressive! And there is still over 30 more days left until the end of campaign.

“With your help, we can finish building our prototype by late 2017, which will set us up for the funding we will need to progress to the production- and distribution phase” – CEO Lewis Horne.

The campaign will close its round November 19, 2016. Is it possible that the campaign will be oversubscribed two times and reach a whopping 1 million € in funding?