This is part of our semi-weekly column by Michael Tiberg.


Almost Summer break

We have just finished our last Startup Dojo – yesterday there where four great pitches. Now we only have one event left this season: the Toastmasters Speakathon – several presentation – it will give a good understanding of what Toastmasters are and what they can do for you, Thursday June 27.

We are soon going to hibernate during the summer, rebooting for an interesting autumn.

Already now we can tell you that we will have…

  • Speaker challenge
    We will we do a speaker challenge together with GOTO Conferences., were the winner will present at GOTO Aarhus (September 30 – October 2). All speakers that present at Foo Café until Friday September 20 will take part in this challenge.
    The three best speakers will battle at special Foo Café event on September 23 were the winner will be chosen.
    During the challenge will all attendees at Foo Café get a special offer from GOTO Aarhus Conference: 30% discount on the attendee fee.
    Read more about it here.
  • Roy Osherove (author, speaker and developer) will be back with courses in October: Elastic Leadership and Beautiful Builds.

Have a great summer