This Thursday #CPHFTW once again opened the doors for the massively successful Townhall event. KPH Volume had been filled with the traditional sitzkartongs, and by the time the event kicked off at 18.30, the large venue was packed with over 800 excited entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.

The 6th edition of Townhall had put the question of “how to” as theme for the evening. How do you reach success as a new startup? How do you get funding and what should you be prepared to sacrifice?

Three keynote speakers from different positions in the startup community stepped on stage to give answers to these questions.


The first speaker was Ida Tin, the Co-founder and CEO of the startup Clue. Clue is based in Berlin and is the fastest growing period tracking and fertility app. While there are a lot of products for period tracking and fertility already on the marked, only a few of them are digital. With their app, Clue hopes to use the collected big data, to help people manage family planning and facilitate further conversation on the topic.

Starting as a project leader in Frontløberne in 1994, Ida Tin has spent more than 20 years in entrepreneurship. As an experienced startup founder, Ida Tin advised the aspiring entrepreneurs to ask themselves the question:

“What price are you willing to pay, because you can’t pay any price?”

She made it clear that leading a startup to success takes a tremendous amount of dedication. You have to be willing to make tough decisions and prioritize the things that mean the most.

“I prioritize my kids and my startup. Everything else must wait.” Says Ida Tin, CEO of Clue

As the evening went on, both Kenneth Auchenberg and Christoph Janz went on stage as keynote speakers. Auchenberg gave an engaging talk about the changing nature of the internet, while encouraging new web designers to take a step back and consider who their costumers actually are.

The event ended with a fire talk between tech Journalist Niel Murray and Christoph Janz from Point Nine Capital, The Angel VC. Doing the chat, Janz shed light on his experiences as an Angel investor for the commercial success Zendesk, while further explaining what traits you are looking for in a startup as a VC.


In between the key speakers, the program was packed with exciting new startups and community initiatives. The startups consisted of, Plane, OnePlay, Faraday Motion, Bownty and Soundboks. Doing the short presentations, the audiences were introduced to products ranging from website protection to a 3d printed electric skateboard.

The startup community was represented by Women in Tech, Startup Safary, StartupÖl and Django Cph. With only 3% women in Danish Tech startups, Cathrine Seidelin from Women in Tech advocated a much needed diversity in the community.


At the end of the evening the mingling session kicked off. With over 800 people attending, Townhall #6 was bussing with people exchanging ideas and experiences. This time the bar was occupied by the staff of Bird & Bird, who handed out free beer to the many thirsty participants. The mingling session was a great place to get in contact with the new startups, and get hands on demonstrations of the products that were showcased throughout the show.

With a great event like #CPHFTW Townhall, you can’t help but feel the connected community of the Startups scene in Copenhagen. The evening was characterized by high energy and an inspiring program. By bringing together people with vision for the future and experience from the past, #CPHFTW has staged a celebration of the innovative spirit.

You can find more information on what happened over at Conferize event page.