Northzone technology investment partnership have announced the first close of their latest fund at €150 million, it’s their biggest fund so far, and the target size of Northzone VII is €250 million.

It’s being talked about over at the Swedish Startup Space (check out their news too!), because this fund presents a good opportunity for Nordic early stage tech.

Northzone are calling the fund an important milestone in Nordic early stage technology investing as a whole. They’re focusing on the Nordics to keep up with the high level of activity and ‘hotbed of innovation’ that’s been seen right across the region for the past 10 years. Copenhagen based Trustpilot, as well as Swedish iZettle and Widespace are among their investments over the past 24 months.

You can also read the announcement from Northzone and watch their short intro video in their latest blog post to see and hear more about them.