Notified, Malmo-based social media listening and management startup, announced that they have been acquired by West Corporation, a private telecommunications services provider based in Omaha, the U.S.

Notified was founded in 2010 by Marcus Norrving and Kristopher Stenkula as a platform for comprehensive solution within PR and communication, aimed at helping companies making better decisions in their marketing efforts. Among their over 10,000 clients are both corporate giants like Unilever and later stage startups like Spotify.

“As founders, we are incredibly humbled by the fact that our once simple software has evolved in a way to make this happen.” Marcus and Kristopher remark.

They aim has been since the start to build a stand-alone business and a platform for social media intelligence. Being acquired now enables them to do that, with more resources.

“Personally, we’re excited to take on new leadership roles within the West Corporation, and continue bringing the Notified brand to a much larger audience,”

West Corporation is backed by the Apollo Group and has more than 50,000 customers and 80,000 employees. After they acquired Nasdaq’s PR solutions and Digital Media Services products and services in January 2018, they have worked to develop this line of the business.

It is not revealed how high the acquisition price was.