Notified, the social media listening and management startup, has announced they have releasing their newest product, Sparkle. The new web service collects and presents the user content from social media that customers can later use in their marketing.

“In the past it has been difficult for our customers to absorb all the information available. A lot of content was wasted. With Sparkle, companies can highlight the content created by customers.” says co-founder Kristopher Stenkula.

Notified is aimed at the nordic markets, but Sparkle is international from the start.

“Sparkle doesn’t have the limitations Notified has and we want to launch the product internationally. America is an interesting market where we have huge potential.” he says

The startup has been profitable from the start in 2010, without having any venture capital backing. The company made a profit of over € 450 000 and revenue of over € 1.7 M in the previous fiscal year.

At DI Digital they talk about how they started, and the journey.

“We have seen how wrong it can get if you take venture capital to early. With experience from having worked on startups in the past we have seen how wrong it can go if you take in venture capital in the early stages, before you know how your business model looks. We knew must be able to do this without raising capital.” says Kristopher to DI digital.

The idea behind Notified came after Marcus Norrving and Kristopher Stenkula in 2009 had seen how small businesses searched on Google to find out what was being said about the company, but that there were no good tools for larger businesses. You can read the background and ups and downs of the startup so far over at DI digital.