With less than 500 days since our grand opening, we welcomed our 10,000th guest to Foo Café last week. This was celebrated with confetti and champagne. And to continue to be the #1 meet space in the Öresund region we offer up some great events in these weeks that follow.

NodeJS, but for .Net?

Are you curious about an alternative to NodeJS on Microsoft platform, then you probably should check out “OWIN, Katana and Helios” on January 23. The days when consumers waited for long-running transactional html-generating pages are long gone. Now, with single-page applications and smartphone apps, smaller and more frequent bursts of data are more common. To meet this pattern (and the NodeJs-movement) Microsoft had to re-invent their somewhat bloated web stack. OWIN, Katana and Helios are about all this.

New kids in town

New user groups keep forming under the wings of Foo Café and we welcome them amongst us. (funk :Öresund) will be focusing on Functional Programming, starting on Monday January 27th. If you want to sprout your creativity there are two new contexts to do so in.Createive mornings will meet once a month starting Friday February eight and Idéforum start on Wednesday February 12th.

Get the tools for coaching others

Spend Saturday morning (February 8th) with Pauliina Hallam who will teach you about coaching in general, as well as let you try powerful coaching techniques in the class room. This could be an inspiring four hours for you who want to discover how to reach your dreams, as well as an excellent kick-start for someone who is interested in professional coaching.

Check out our entire event list at foocafe.org

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See you soon!

Bella, Carina, Håkan, Linn and Michael