Startup Europe news is a collaborative media alliance, which works on realizing the objective of the European Commission to develop strong local entrepreneurial leadership, cultivate adequate resources and strengthen connections and partnerships among European Startups, business, artists and community leaders.

Since the launch of, Øresund Startups has been a part of the media alliance:

“Øresund Startups aim is to make the Øresund region more visable internationally, and this is definetly a step one the way!”, says Maria Grönlund, Editor-in-Chief at Øresund Startups.

Startup Europe News has a special goal to showcase early-stage startups promoted by incubators from all around Europe and even those promoted by the alliance members. In addition to that, the new media alliance wants to draw attention to female entrepreneurs of different economic, cultural and vocational backgrounds in Europe by highlighting their activities and achievements.

Startup Europe News works online under one single channel of communication, aiming to create skills, connect European entrepreneurs and build a robust eco-system for future generations.