8till5 reports that Packbud has received an investment of 3 Msek (€ 316 000). The investment comes from Aggregate Media and five business angels. It will be used primarily for marketing purposes.

Packbuds idea is simple – using free space in trucks and match that with companies or people that need something moved.

“We want to become the Ebay for transports. Our aim is to become the largest market place for this type of services on the Swedish market” says Mikael Funa to 8till5.

Mikael is one of three people in the team working full time on the product.

The service is currently available in Sweden. With almost 300 transport companies connected, they make it easy for anyone who wants something transported by just entering what needs to be transported.

“The idea is that transport companies can optimize their loads, and customers should be able to find a transports easily. Better use of space is good for the economy and the environment.” says Mikael

Today, 90 percent of customers are private consumers. Queries include things such as moving furniture, mopeds and pets. Packbud charges partly through a small service charge, and by charging carrier with a sum equal to ten percent of the transportation value.

The service was launched 1.5 years ago and so the startup has received 4000 requests – without putting any focus on advertising. With the investment this will change.

“Marketing is a big part for the upcoming year, but we will also release a new site, mobile version and updates during the first quarter of 2015.”

You can read more about it over at 8till5.