Founded in 2020 by Robin Lundgren, the startup Padelboard, has found a unique way to digitally organize and engage the sports players of Padel to provide more padel for the people.

The Helsingborg-based startup was recently acquired by MATCHi. When it comes to booking playing time for racquet sports online, it’s one of the biggest players. With over 36,000 users in Sweden, the Padelboard app is available in several languages and is used throughout the padel world. The startup was also part of an accelerator program at Hetch in Helsingborg in 2020.

Padelboard’s current business consists of two branches. An app aimed at players and a digital platform that has paddle halls as its main target group. The app is free, while the paddle halls can subscribe to their service. This is how the company behind Padelboard, Creative Approach AB, earns its money. In addition, Padelboard Arena was launched during the fall of 2021. A cloud-based service enabling venues to manage their tournaments from any browser.