Pumodo is an App for team sports (soccer) which gives players a score that reflects the players skill. The score is based on his/her performance and match result which allows the user to compare and compete between all players regardless of age, level and position. A succesfull idea as it shows, since they just received a small 135.000 Euro (1M DKK) investment from three angel investors, even though they didn’t plan to raise capital right now.

We had enough capital to bootstrap for at least a half year more, but the three investors shared our vision and brought tremendous experience and networks in Danish football.” Says Thorsteinn H. Fridriksson, co-founder and CEO of Pumodo at Trendsonline.dk.

The firm behind the App has done well since they launched their App half a year ago; they recently won the Danish App Awards for best sports App. The newly acquired investment will help Pumodo to provide Danish football clubs their own Pumodo Platform on the club’s website.